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▲ Shin Chang-seob, CEO of Virbac Korea / Veterinary Professor at Konkuk University

Zoletil, Ultra-Corn, Virba gest and Virbagen Omega
Virbac Korea is a branch of the global French animal health company Virbac Group established 50 years ago. Marking its 20th anniversary, Virbac Korea is writing a new chapter of its history since the Konkuk University veterinary professor Shin Chang-seob took the steering wheel as the 24th CEO. He has been much credited for introducing ‘Angel Project’ to the company to increase sales through effective growth strategies and customer services. Virbac Korea raised its presence in the pet industry by releasing the animal anesthetic ‘Zoletil’, the immunity enhancer ‘Ultra-Corn’ and the estrus synchronization hormone ‘Virba gest’; Zoletil and Virba gest are No.1 in their field in Korea at the moment. Quite recently, Virbac Korea is creating yet another sensation by releasing the world’s first infectious disease interferon ‘Virbagen Omega’. “Virbagen Omega is proving to act quickly against parvovirus of dogs in Korea as well as cats and other pets” said Shin. The drug was unveiled for the first time at the 2016 Seoul Veterinary Conference and is expected to create a market worth around KRW 1 billion won within three years and KRW 3 billion won within five years if backed up by proven clinical test results that can be applied not only to dogs but to various pet animals such as cats, horses and birds. 

Winning prizes from MAFRA
Virbac Korea has won a number of prizes from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs especially the self-quality check-up and management excellence category for three years in a row. It is rare in the pet industry that a company receives the director’s prize of the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency twice and the ministerial prize from the MAFRA. Vorbac Korea also has been credited for contributing to solving foot-and-mouth disease and for having paid due tax on time and in full. Behind these great achievements lies Shin’s innovative ‘Angel Project’, according to his close associates. “Considerable amounts of investments were made into quality, storage and delivery but more in excellent customer services. The project also recognized the top performers and rewarded it back to them that included a free travel package to Asian countries or Hawaii” said Shin. The project has increased the sales by 10% and Shin is planning to reward a ticket to the head office (Virbac Group) in France by the end of 2020 where the project closes its journey. 

Social contribution
Shin is a member of the Yangsu Future Foundation, an academic and scholarship project chain, regularly makes a donation to the Korea Student Aid Foundation, and is serving as the senior vice president of Goldmoon, a charity foundation founded by actor Lee Byeong-wook. When asked about future plan, Shin showed his will to bring cooperation in the pet industries between the South and the North through the Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund if the current reconciliation mood keeps on its track. 

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