Winning 2018 Korea Value Management Award

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▲ Kang Eun-ra, CEO of Naneungi

Have an ultimate taste of neungi mushroom at 47 restaurants nationwide 
The neungi mushroom (sarcodon aspratus) boiled chicken and duck food franchise ‘Naneungi’ won the 2018 Korea Value Management Award on May 29 held at the Seoul Press Center. Challenging the food franchise market with only ‘the taste’, Naneungi has grown to boast 47 franchises nationwide and is proactively potting in practice of prioritizing customer’s value first. Neungi mushroom has unique smell and taste and is praised by many gourmets for being the best kind among mushroom families. Neungi is known to lower cholesterol in the blood or prevent it to be accumulated, and suppresses the growth of cancer cell. Its rich vitamin and amino acid helps the body increase immunity and strength while the rich fiber and water increase fullness of the stomach, the reason women often enjoy the food for diet. Management-wise, the head office offers support and autonomy to the franchisees and communicates with them on equal terms rather than the common Korean business practice of one giving orders and the other following. 

Flagship restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul
Nicely seated in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, the flagship restaurant of Naneungi gives a premium ambience for you to enjoy the ultimate taste in style and relaxation. You can choose a floor of your choice among the first floor hall, second floor room, third floor banquet hall and the terraced fourth floor. In other words, you can just pop in alone or couple or group according to your occasions from birthday party to get-together. It is interesting to know that CEO Kang Eun-ra majored in music and occasionally plays the fusion style music with her colleague musicians at the restaurant. Don’t assume that there might be no wines since it’s a Korean restaurant; you not only can enjoy quality wines but also the dart paying. 

Taste first and always!
From boiled chicken and duck to a variety of sides, such as salad, pancake and seasoned vegetables, neungi mushroom is in it at all times to give the very unique taste. “Taste always comes first before anything else. What is the use of a restaurant if it loses the taste? People won’t visit there ever again! I feel most rewarded whenever the dinners leave a comment that it was excellent” says Kang. Excellent customer services, in fact, also cannot be missed since it affects greatly the dinners. “Staff for me is not the object I have to pay money for their labor. They are my business partners and my colleagues. I have rarely heard a case that a restaurant survived without the staff being happy working there because excellent customer services come from them.” If you feel like to try something unique, something healthy, and something good for diet, you are highly recommended to make a journey to Gangnam District. 


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