Sunlight generation can be an answer for your comfortable retirement

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▲ Peng Sung-jin, CEO of Shindeowon Industrial Development

All in one service that bring you 20 years of steady profits
Shindeowon Industrial Development is an eco-friendly energy specialist located in Dongsan-dong, Jeonju City. Its services cover almost all areas relating to solar and renewable energies from consulting and management to design, construction, licenses including PPA and after care. The industry sees the spots that can generate energy more than 3.6 hours a day (divided on yearly basis) as the ideal zone to install a solar photovoltaic power station. A short knowledge of sunlight generation business: SMP means the price paid after sending the electric power to KEPCO and it is currently sold at KRW 100 won per KW. REC is a certificate given to the power generated eco-friendly which can be purchased and resold by generators. “As an energy provider, your profit comes from these SMP and REC and a contract between a provider and a supplier (KEPCO) normally lasts 20 years. In other words, you can make steady profits during that period” explains CEO Peng. A module and a converter are needed to generate solar power, and the modules are mostly produced by LG Electronics and Hanwha in Korea. Shindeowon Industrial Development uses Hanwha’s but in terms of converter uses one of SMA, Cargo and Dasstech depending on regional conditions. 

Guaranteeing a steady income of KRW 2.5 million won a month
Sunlight generation is received as one of the most promising eco-friendly energies in the future by many countries. “Naturally, increasing number of people reportedly is engaging in the business to secure a steady income after retirement. The good news is that the government is drawing up a plan to give a weight up to 5.0 on issuing REC when combined with ESS (Energy Storage Systems) while also planning to raise RPS (Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard).” For this, Shindeowon Industrial Development has already secured a 198,347 square meter land in Daeryeon-ri, Boseong County and is set to generate 8MW out of the allowed 10MW generation of which 4MW is to be run on ESS; the 36,280 square meter land in Hwajeong-ri, Bukcheon-myeon in Hadong County, on the other hand, is set to generate 3MW on ESS while 7M power plants on the site in Hoenggye-ri, Pyeongchang County already has been parceled out (70% parceling out rate). In terms of maintenance and repair, CEO Peng is confident to say that the company is fully ready to respond since a certain part of all generation sites are run and managed by the company. “I’m also confident to say that Shindeowon Industrial Development guarantees you a steady profit of KRW 2.5 million won a month. Sunlight generation requires tens of millions of won to hundreds of millions of won to start. So you are highly advised to seek a professional advice and support from an experienced and trustworthy specialist like us if you are determined to join the business.” 

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