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▲ Goo Na-ri, CEO of DS Daesung Sports

Shigeaki Aso and Kishimoto Kousaku visit DS Daesung Sports for demonstration
The baseball goods company DS Daesung Sports invited Shigeaki Aso, the master baseball goods craftsman of the American sports goods company WILSON, to demonstrate his expertise in glove making. Aso is a well-known figure among many baseball manias for making the best baseball gloves for professional and baseball lovers alike for the last 40 years. A2K and A2000 in particular are very famous for being worn by Ryu Hyun-jin, Brandon Phillips, Clayton Kershaw, Barry Bonds, Greg Maddux and Curt Schilling. At the demonstration, Aso showed the way to tame each different glove type, for example, infielder and outfielder, and pointed out the importance of customized taming. The DS Daesung Sports CEO Goo Na-ri, who organized the event, said “It is an honor to have invited Mr. Shigeaki Aso, one of the master baseball goods craftsmen on earth. I hope it will be a great and unforgettable time for many baseball lovers in Korea.” Previously in May last year, Goo invited Kishimoto Kousaku, one of the three baseball glove masters in Japan, to Korea for a demonstration. It is notable that these two events were held at a small baseball goods store such as DS Daesung Sports, but not organized by a large company. 

Application of ERP system and contribution to industry
DS Daesung Sports opened its door in 1998 with a goal to promote the baseball goods industry in Korea; and the company today is received as having made a great contribution to it by supplying quality baseball goods at rational prices for many years. Though it is a baseball goods store, we must not forget that fact that we can find 26 kinds of globally acclaimed baseball goods brands at this single store in Korea such as Mizuno, Under Armour, Fila and Shock Doctor. DS Daesung Sports also is the one who first introduced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) among the rivals and the system has codified and standardized tens of thousands of baseball goods for systematic inventory. “It took me three years to secure the system but I’m really satisfied with the result that the staff, for example, can efficiently present the wanted product before the customer. It also realized an effective after care service” says Goo. This innovative system is soon to be realized on mobile platform also which is expected in full force by no later than this summer; as a result, you can now search baseball goods on-the-go. “I’m determined to devote my life to promoting the baseball industry following the same devotion of my father. I feel confident to say that you can find almost all baseball goods at DS Daesung Sports in near future.” 

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