Introducing Bridge Hatha-yoga

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▲ Kang Shin-jung, CEO of Formosa Flying Art Yoga

How Bridge Hatha-yoga works?
Located in Toegyewon, Namyangju City, Formosa Flying Art Yoga (CEO Kang Shin-jung) is creating a sensation by introducing Bridge Hatha-yoga. CEO Kang mixed ‘hatha’ which literally means ‘force’ with ‘art’ based on the spiritual part of yoga in order to meet the demand of the people living today. Bridge Hatha-yoga is sequenced in accordance with natural flow of our body movement alongside the music so that everybody with all ages can easily follow. Kang is one of 10 zen ring masters in Korea and is serving as the vice president as well as training director of Bridge Hatha-yoga at the Korea Therapy Yoga Association. “Because Bridge Hatha-yoga happens alongside the rhythm and music, all movements are designed to flow naturally without a halt. It can improve flexibility, endurance and red muscle of the body” explains Kang. Bridge Hatha-yoga is consisted of 5 types: 1) bridge hatha master practiced on a matt 2) bridge hatha art master on a matt accompanied by rhythm and music 3) bridge hatha tabata on a cycle of 20 second movement and 10 second breathing 4) bridge hatha art flying on hammock accompanied by rhythm and music 5) bridge hatha breath mainly focused on breathing methods. “Koreans tend to depend on movement itself when it comes to yoga but it actually must come with spiritual training alongside if they are to heal both physical and mental wounds. A man is a man with a body, a mind and a soul according to an Indian ideology. They interact with one another and the connection gets deeper through breathing. Breathing clears our spirit and a clean spirit creates a peaceful mind.” With this fundamental idea of yoga well noted, the Kang’s flying art yoga is practiced on a hammock accompanied with rhythm and music for 50 minutes without a halt. “During this process, we can strength spine muscle, promote blood circulation and correct body shape.” 

20 years of single path as a yoga instructor
Kang’s passion in yoga for the last 20 years has made who she is today. She sometimes fances an idea that she was an Indian hermit in her former life after studying yoga in the country from which her brainchild ‘Bridge Hatha-yoga’ came from. “Again I have to point out this that people wow at those with excellent yoga-movements. But we must not neglect the fact that it is more related to spiritual part and the movements are rather a back-up. If you want to do yoga in a hope to correct your body shape, there are actually far more options in the market for you to choose than yoga.” Kang humbly introduces herself as a yoga guide instead of instructor. “Because I’m not a teacher of anybody but a trainee myself who started yoga a little earlier than others. This mindset is very important for me as it makes me effectively communicate with others heart to heart.” If you are interested, Formosa Flying Art Yoga runs various courses for kids, adults and instructors at the moment. 

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