Moon and Trump meet at White House

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Moon flew to Washington to meet Trump
Moon and Trump met at White House on May 22. Seated at the yellow sofa in front of the fireplace, the two leaders posed for photos and exchanged talks. In the middle of answering the reporters, Trump said that it was lucky Moon was the South Korean president and it made them both, and also the attendees, burst into laughter. Moon and Trump screened on the North attitude toward the South and the USA and carried on the talk on complete denuclearization. Moon said that there was no doubt of the North’s firm will for the summit on June 12 and emphasize on the need for substantial and detailed talks regarding denuclearization as well as the guarantee of the regime. The two leaders exchanged opinions about the possibility of making a tripartite declaration of a permanent ceasefire after the US-North Korea Summit. In answering to question of the reporters, Moon said “I perceive that there is a doubt in the US whether the complete denuclearization of the North will be possible. But failed in the past doesn’t necessary mean a fail today. If that’s the case, our history will never advance. It is the first time that the agreements are made between the leaders and Mr. Trump is the one who is leading it at the moment. I’m sure that Mr. Trump will draw a successful summit on June 12 to end the 65 year long Korean War, to complete denuclearization, to secure permanent peace in the Korean Peninsula, and to tie diplomatic relations with the North. It will be a massive breakthrough for the whole world history. As for the North part, it will bring security of the system and prosperity I believe.” 

Moon meets Pompeo and Bolton
At the meeting with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the US National Security Advisor John Bolton, President Moon raised their hard work and asked them to do their best for a successful June 12 Summit. Moon again emphasized that Kim’s firm will for the coming summit despite the recent change of the attitude but pointed out that ongoing good mood for talks must only be good for both Koreas and the USA. He said that it was THE opportunity that must not be missed for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and permanent peace. Moon added that many people are rather pessimistic over the reluctance of the North’s attitude for the last 25 years but the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un this time has a will for complete denuclearization but for security of the system and economic development instead. 

First Lady Kim meets Second Lady Pence 
Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook met the US Second Lady Karen Pence on May 22 at Decatur House, Washington and had a luncheon after a view of the displays of the house. They met for the third time after Kim’s first visit to the USA June last year and the PyeongChang 2018. Decatur House is designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe and is the oldest house in Washington DC. Kim said “I expected to see you again though it was a short itinerary. I appreciate that you invited me to this historical house.” Mrs. Pence in respond said “It was the PyeongChang 2018 that I saw you last time. I hope you are doing well?” Kim said “I feel like we are now approaching to the opportunity to settle down peace in the Korean Peninsula permanently. I must admit and acknowledge that behind of this great opportunity lies the unsparing support and hard work of the Vice President and the Second Lady and I would like to show my sincere gratitude.” Mrs. Pence said “Mr. Pence’s father fought in the Korean War and I remember paying a visit to the DMZ when visited Korea last time. It was impressive. I hope that peace will visit to the Korean Peninsula.” Kim then asked how the First Lady was doing and wished a fast recovery. 

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