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▲ Kim Gyeong-soon, CEO of Hongikgosu Puer Tea

Kim Gyeong-soon jumped into the world of puer tea at the age of forty. She set up Hongikgosu Puer Tea to supply only the best quality puer tea to the people. The best puer tea goes through this process: from roasting green leaves of assamica tea trees in Yunnan Province, China to drying with the sunlight and pressing the biscuit firing to complete so called ‘ginapcha’, the true puer tea. Puer tea is known to be good for anticancer, high blood pressure, antibacterial, detox, hangover cure, inflammation, anti-aging and obesity as recorded in ancient oriental medical books. Kim took a doctoral course in tea ceremony at Wonkwang University Graduate School at the age of forty and has carried on the study for more than 16 years. Obtaining a license from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Kim opened head stores in Sinjeong-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul and Palgong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu to sell quality teas. Hongikgosu Puer Tea, especially, is made of the green leaves harvested before April 20 and it is regarded as the most expensive puer tea among the family. For those who do not have professional knowledge on puer tea, Kim gives a tip: good puer tea has the year of making, the origin and the maker marked inside the paper cover of the tea. Currently, you can buy four types of Hongikgosu Puer Tea: raw tea, wormwood tea, black tea and HECHA (tea bag) – triangle tea back or ‘gongbu black tea bag’. It is interesting to know that Chinese prefers 7 to 8g of the leaves a cup while Korean 3 to 4g. Shortly introducing some of the puer tea collections of Kim: ‘hongteachang’ (made in ‘70s, priced KRW 4 million won), ‘donghongho’ (7 million won) and ‘donggyeongho’ (10 million won). Kim says that ‘after-fermentation ripening’ is the very basic of making good puer tea and its taste never changes no matter how many times you add hot water. If you are a tea lover or novice about quality tea but want to try, you are highly advised to contact Hongikgosu Puer Tea since there are similar products with low quality in the market. Kim used ‘Hongik’ in her business name to mean ‘humanitarianism’ of Dangun, the founder of Korea, so that her business brings goodness to the people. 

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