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▲ Dr. Choi Geun-taek of Kake Educational Institution Korea

Kake Educational Institution was founded by Tsutomu Kake in 1961 under the motto “To draw out the talents and abilities of the youth to their maximum potential”. The institution is running 3 universities (Okayama University of Science, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Chiba Institute of Science), 3 colleges and a number of middle and high schools as well as 14 overseas branches at the moment. Chiba Institute of Science, in particular, is received as a prestigious university consisted of pharmacy, nursing and risk management departments. It rose to fame in 2012 by achieving 97.3% passing rate of the state pharmacist examination which ranked the university No.1 in the Kantō region, Japan. The pharmacy department especially is divided into pharmacy (6 years) and life pharmacy (4 years). The department proudly boasts its 22 laboratories efficiently backed up by the cutting edge testing equipment and globally proven researchers and professors. For many Korean students, however, Chiba Institute of Science is better known as having the highest numbers of Korean students among all pharmaceutical universities in Japan. Dr. Choi Geun-taek of Kake Educational Institution Korea says “Chiba Institute of Science is the first pharmaceutical university in Japan offering the first phase chemistry, biology, math and English exams in Korean. Those who passed the first phase need to go through more than 700 hours of Japanese, 200 hours of basic pharmacology and an interview to be the finalists.” The scholarship of Chiba Institute of Science for foreign students is excellent: 30% discount on tuition fee is offered. Kake Educational Institution Korea, for example, helped a Korean student to secure the whole 6 year scholarship, two students for 4 year scholarship, another two for 2 years and eight for 1 year, totaling 13 out of 20 Korean students last year; this year also helped 18 students out of 20 to secure scholarship which is a record high worth over KRW 1 billion won. In other words, Korean student’s capability has been well proved and received. It is notable that 27 Korean students already have secured admission for 2019. Choi says “Kake Educational Institution Korea focuses on high academic performance in early stage and provides unsparing support so that students can fast adapt to the new environment especially through the 700 hour Japanese language course. We also regularly check the safety issues of the students, their academic performance and whether they experience any inconveniences. For this, we dispatch a team of specialists to Japan 4 times a year.” It is estimated that the pharmaceutical market will reach USD$1.5 trillion by 2021 and Japan is the second pharmaceutical powerhouse of the world. If you are finding your promising future at developing new medicines that can bring benefits to the people on earth, you are highly advised to have a consulting with a specialist of Kake Educational Institution Korea since Japan is just a stone’s throw. 

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