40 years of study reveals the secrete of our habits

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▲ Park Geum-chul, Director of Dental Clinic Park Se-rin, artist daughter of Park Geum-chul

Park has melted his 40 years of study into his 4 books of which 2 books <Golden Key to Change My Habit> and <Secret of Changing I and We> have recently been published. His artist daughter, meanwhile, was hugely influenced by his father and co-published the books as the artist. 

Park Geum-chul
Q: What are the key points of the books?
A: The two books are part of the results of my 40 years of study on what causes human habit and how it works in connection with the truth and law of nature and our lives. I meant the books to help people, especially the young ones, living today find better ways to live healthier and happier.

Q: What does the ‘secret of habit’ deliver?
A: The secret of habit delivers the stories of how a habit becomes a part of subconscious to operate the brain and body and to form a unique personality and even one’s fate. Man didn’t know about the generative processes of habit for the last 2,000 years but I summarized its formulas and secretes in 21 categories in order to help people change their life style. The two books out of the total 4 books focused on helping young generations train themselves for their dreams and goals. 

Q: What is the ‘golden key’?
A: It is a habit of using positive language, of setting up three goals and plans for life, and of building ‘a great daily habit’. It also includes the philosophy, wisdom, healing and wellbeing with which you can countermeasure against the possible human alienation caused by the impending Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Q: How come you work together with your artist daughter?
A: Speaking, recording and imagining are the three ways to practice our thinking. Images in particular help us draw the conceptual word ‘success’ in our minds. So, I used the works of my daughter to support my theory in the books. 

Park Se-rin
Q: How many of your works are included in the books? 
A: 40 of my works are included in the books. My father has been my mentor ever since I was a child and my works contain the influence of his lessons. I found the book making process really interesting especially when I was collaborating with my mentor whose passion laid on finding the man’s happiness, health and healing. Personally, I studied art in London and developed my style between the space inside a bus or train, for example, and the space outside in oil painting. I named it ‘Landscape Outside of the Window’. 

Q: Give a little more detail about your works.
A: You can see the shapes and patterns of the windows and blinds frequently on my works. They are the tools to connect the viewers to the works as well as the channels to link the reality to the imaginary space. 

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