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▲ Kim Ji-hye, CEO of Real Estate Auction Guide

The advantage of buying a house through auction is that you can buy one at cheaper price than the market price. But for many starters, the process is unfamiliar. Real Estate Auction Guide is a company providing services for information and tips on real estate auction on PC or smartphone. “Smart technology has made searching on buildings and houses easier than ever and the information is pouring in on the market today as a result. I can say that we are living in the age where auction is no longer a practice of a certain group of people in our society” says Kim Ji-hye, CEO of Real Estate Auction Guide. It is reported that increasing number of people with all social backgrounds are learning the art of buying houses or buildings at auction. “Reading and analyzing the information is the most important in real estate auction. In fact, discerning valuable information from fake information can make a significant difference. Therefore, it is not that advisable to gather information from your acquaintances or unprofessional study groups but only from industry specialists who have accumulated knowledge and years of experience in the field.” Kim advises you to pay attention first to 1) price for the bid 2) purpose of buying: residential or investment. Normally, auctions step ahead about 6 months compared to the registered market price which means that you can get hold of useful information ahead for future dealings. Kim’s sharp eye to analyze the market was well proven when she uploaded a guide lecture on YouTube which drew an explosive number of viewers for one year. Encouraged by this, Kim officially opened her auction channel and has appeared on a number of TV and online channels. Kim explains easily the jargons used in real estate auction and provides down-to-earth information on busying procedure, tax and finance as well as examples of successful cases. “You can obtain the necessary knowledge within a short period of time but the skills of bidding require you a considerable amount of time and experience. To know the right timing of buying and selling is vitally in auction. So, you must be diligent on both theory and practice.” If you are interested in buying a house or building at auction either for residential or investment purposes but do not know where to start, you are advised to seek a professional help from Real Estate Auction Guide. 
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