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▲ Han Sun-gu, CEO of Manufacturer’s Direct Dealing Alliance / CEO of Noblian

Han is received as a master of beddings among merchants in Jongno District, Seoul. He has 40 years of experience in the field and is credited for developing 99.9% pure gold blankets called ‘Noblian’. He is so popular among many frugal soon-to-marry couples and the Daum café (online club) called ‘Wedding Story’ recommends its 70,000 members to use the rational all-in-one service of the Manufacturer’s Direct Dealing Alliance. Han has appeared on the media more the 30 times for the last 15 years and gained fame by giving down-to-earth tips on how to buy beddings economically to the soon-to-marry couples in their 20s and 30s. Han’s business skill is remarkable that he introduces a customer to his partner stores to get up to 50% discount on quality products. In fact, Han is the one who first introduced invitation ticket-type membership cards with which he signed a number of business agreements with other companies to connect the members directly to the manufacturers without intermediate distribution. Han’s cost effectiveness soon started to spread from mouth to mouth and the business has grown as big and successful as today. You are provided with free cards on joining as a member and can get 15% discounts on jewelry, 50% on beddings, ceramics and Korean dress or buy honeymoon and electronic goods at cheaper price than the market price. You can also expect various gifts that go alongside with what you buy. According to Han, 15 partner companies are currently dealing directly with the Manufacturer’s Direct Dealing Alliance. The 99.9% pure gold blanket brand ‘Noblian’, meanwhile, offers 100% handmade beddings with 40 kinds blankets, and 700 kinds thin paddings. Han’s ‘sungeumji- neunghwa-method’ especially uses 53 materials to print the sewing in part, hammers the pure gold to shape and give heat treatment at 250℃ to attach it onto the fabric. The technique is received as unique and can also be applied to necktie or Korean dress. Thanks to its innovation, a number of department stores offered a place to Han but he kindly rejected worrying the price might go up and lose his clients as a result. All beddings of Noblian boast 100% silk and wool and has passed synthetic textile test. Normally, soon-to-marry couples are expected to pay around KRW 2 million to 4 million won for beddings but they can have them less than KRW 1 million won through the Manufacturer’s Direct Dealing Alliance. So, if you are or your sons and daughters are scheduled to marry soon, you are highly advised to see the price difference between the beddings in the market and the beddings at the Manufacturer’s Direct Dealing Alliance. 

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