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▲ Kim Jae-soon, CEO of Sunghyun Fortuneteller

Fortunetelling is a study and interpretation about one’s luck in work, marriage and social relations based on the year, month, day and time of one’s birth: the four pillars of destiny. Back in the Joseon Dynasty era, it was received as an official study but started to disappear during the Japanese colonial era as it was seen unscientific and even witchcraft. From 1990, however, it reappeared again and a number of educational institutes started to run related courses. Today, various academic papers on the four pillars of destiny and other related studies are published on a regular basis at master’s degree and even a doctoral. Yet for most people busy getting by every day, visiting a fortuneteller is the easiest option to see their luck for fun. Sunghyun Fortuneteller is located on Bupyeong Culture Street in Incheon. “The four pillars is only a reference to draw your life in a bigger picture. In other words, you need to make your own luck by trying hard” explains Kim Jae-soon, CEO of Sunghyun Fortuneteller, who first opened so called ‘fortuneteller café’ on the street. 9 professional fortunetellers are busy greeting and giving professional or helpful advice to the constantly flooding-in luck seekers. “I failed in business once and I was in despair. So, I spent a considerable amount of time in studying my four pillars of destiny and it made me stand up one more time. It might sound strange but the four pillars told me exactly the life I had led. So, I worked hard to make up for my weakness and eventually opened a fortuneteller café to share my experience with other people who are in need of help and advice.” Kim has studied the four pillars and ‘Juyeok (change)’ for the last 20 years and all 9 fortunetellers at Sunghyun Fortuneteller received formal education on the four pillars and/or had more than 20 year experience in the field. Their capability spread fast from mouth to mouth and as if to prove it more than 70% of their clients are the regular visitors. Sunghyun Fortuneteller also issues ‘permanent membership card’ with which you can receive advice time to time for free. “Your four pillars of destiny is recorded on the card for easy screening and effective solutions. And we never encourage you to change your name or carry a talisman. If changing one’s name or carrying a talisman changes one’s luck, not a single man on earth will be poor and miserable.” It is not surprising, for this reason, that you can see many people from teens to 50s willingly travelling from far and wide waiting for their turn for a helpful advice or two at Sunghyun Fortuneteller. “An episode to tell is that I had a high ranking public servant one day. At my interpretation on her four pillars, she is supposed to receive financial help from her parents. Sometime had passed and she called me saying “My parents passed away but I found a fortune they hid without me knowing.” Kim added “The four pillars of destiny is here to help people in troubles. It is a helpful advice for people who have to go through the harsh winter to see the warm spring and to scorching hot summer again to harvest what we saw in autumn. So, do not be so frustrated if you are in trouble now as a good day waits for you if you work hard and make up for your weakness.” If you are interested in finding out about your luck, you have nothing to lose to seek an advice or two at Sunghyun Fortuneteller. 

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