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▲ Kwon Ju-young, Leader Business Partner(Double Diamond) of KYOWON THE ORM

“Saying ‘it is different from what they used to be’ is not enough” says Kwon Ju-young, Leader Business Partner(Double Diamond) of KYOWON THE ORM, a new rising star in the network marketing. Network marketing started 30 years ago in Korea. It reached the peak around the time when the IMF hit Korea in 1997 which drew in many housewives and breadwinners in the name of ‘visit and sell’. The trend continued as ‘pyramid selling’ and some received it as an advanced form of distribution and selling but rapidly declined with side effects. As of 2018, it seems to emerge on the surface again with more sophisticated business title ‘network marketing’ and Korea is yet to observe the impending boom of the market. The trade of network marketing is made with a company, preferably approved one to make sure of the trade, but it fundamentally pursues the win-win philosophy between the people. “Network marketing in the past was about ‘consumption for earning’. In other words, there’s no consumption if there’s no earning. In a way, this structure can seem natural to cause such side effects within the network marketing industry. What is important today is that consumers have become clever and pursue a ‘wise buying’. They calculate first on the money they pay and the value they can get before opening the purse. In this respect, the benefits generated on the innovative platform of KYOWON THE ORM can be an ultimate solution that can satisfy the wise consumers today” says Kwon. Affiliated to Kyowon Group, KYOWON THE ORM introduced a new concept affiliate marketing called ‘THE ORM FAMILY’ by using the most of its accumulated knowhow of water purifier, air purifier and bidet rental businesses. THE ORM FAMILY works this way: the more you use the affiliate products, the more you get the points to buy the KYOWON THE ORM products. In other words, you, as a consumer, accumulate points instead of mileage as used to be given to sales men. “If the existing point accumulation is about 1 to 2% of your purchase, the affiliate marketing point is about 30%. Former is hard to exceed over a few tens of thousands of won but the latter over hundreds of thousands to millions of won.” Kwon continues “Kyowon Group wasn’t a born network marketer but is a large necessities manufacturing and distribution company which started in 2003. It means that the brands of Kyowon Group are proven as highly trustworthy: Ar ren bio, Well Nature, Ato Classic Rx, ESROOM and WELLMATE. Kids Red Ginseng Jelly and Kids Multi Vitamin Gumi are also famous as outside products and you can also see pots, massage chairs, electric range as well as some of the Samsung brands for rental.” Kwon emphasizes the advantages of KYOWON THE ORM CNC’s ‘shop in shop plan’. “If you can catch an eye of 5% among 100 consumers entering a shop in shop, you can stay ahead of other network marketers.” Before being as successful a network marketer as today, Kwon in fact engaged in a number of businesses such as running a café or running a shopping mall. But Kwon has never once given what she has by 100% except KYOWON THE ORM. “Because I trust Kyowon Group and I have confidence in KYOWON THE ORM.” And this trust and confidence has made Kwon to be working alongside around 13,000 partners. “The name of our team is CNC. It means Change & Chance meaning we change the consumer culture and turn normal people to businessmen and the businessmen to leaders. We are a team of friends, a team of consolidation, a team of partners but above all a team of family.” Let us see whether KYOWON THE ORM will write a new history in the Korean network marketing.

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