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▲ Kim Seul-ki and Kim Hyun-ji, CEOs of Mat It Geo Yeom

Mat It Geo Yeom is an ICT-driven healthy food deliverer customized for kidney patients. Patients with kidney diseases should take low salted food and must be careful on taking protein, kalium and phosphorus. Mat It Geo Yeom gathers health data of the orderers and customizes the menus for each kidney patient. Kim Seul-ki said “Kidney patients need a special diet as careless intake of food can cause unbalance in nutrition. This is the reason we launched the business.” Kim Hyun-ji added “For example, they are not to take high kalium food such as spinach and banana and many of them just give up eating them. But that doesn’t mean they can’t eat the food but actually they can as long as the food contain the limited amount of kalium.” The two Kims came to know each other at a MBA course for social enterprises at KAIST. It is noteworthy that Kim Seul-ki herself is a kidney patient; she found that she had kidney problems in her early 20s. “I had no idea about what to eat and what not at first. I just tried to eat low salted food but the taste was horrible. I also doubted about the nutrition it contains. So, I carried on a research on my own which eventually led me to the current business.” Both Kims already have built the ICT-driven diagnosis system for kidney patients and is expecting to officially open the website in early next month. All menus of Mat It Geo Yeom are thoroughly prepared with caution on the four nutrients (sodium, protein, kalium and phosphorus) as well as carbohydrate which are bad for kidney patients. The foods are delivered half-cooked for each patient to adjust the level of cooking by themselves. A meal of Mat It Geo Yeom is consisted of the main, 2 to 3 sides, a cooking manual and a nutrition table; and the cooking and delivery is strictly daily based for safety and hygiene reasons. Some of the hot menus of Mat It Geo Yeom include, Korean, French, Thai and some steaks. Seeing the potential of the business, two accelerator companies Primer and SOPOONG recently have made an investment for this new concept food delivery services. The two Kims voiced together “200,000 people are kidney patients in Korea according to a report. So, we feel a huge responsibility and challenge. But we are determined to bring a better and healthier life for them all.” 

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