Introducing Korean made dripper called ‘New Dripper’

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▲ Kang Hee-gyun, CEO of ND

A dripper is a cone that you drip coffee down. It is a must-have for any coffee brewers and German Melitta and Japanese Kalita, Hario and Kono are the most famous. Introducing this month is the Korean made dripper called ‘New Dripper’ developed by ND CEO Kang Hee-gyun. He used to work in the clothing industry before jumping into coffee making. Kang found out that the German Melitta is good to drip clean coffee through a single hole but the speed is slow; and the wide ponding area filters both impure and pure tastes all together; the three holed Japanese Kalita, on the other hand, is the most wanted by many starters but creates somewhat stuffy taste while Hario and Kono contain a sense of impurity end. Noted well these drawbacks, Kang designed 3 holes 1cm above the bottom of dripper so that it extracts coffee right above the part where the coffee powder gathers. This shortened the time and removed the impurity as a result. He then asked a master potter Lee Chang-su, famous for Tohwayo, to complete the handmade ‘New Dripper’ which attracted a great attention from foreign coffee manias at the Seoul International Café Show 2017 and the Café & Bakery Fair 2017. The 27 intaglio lead lines inside the dripper realized to keep the even temperature and the dripper is burned with body-friendly luxury germanium glaze at 1,250℃. The outside of New Dripper looks like Goryeo Celadon with beautiful patterns and it is made into five colors in two models: for up to 2 persons or up to 4 persons. Kang says that New Dripper is collective for every single product is unique and the fraction defective is less than 3%. You can buy New Dripper at Caffe Museo and the filters used for New Dripper is compatible with other brands. Kang demonstrated the easy use of New Dripper by inviting novice brewers at the café show and fair who in fact extracted coffee like the professionals. With confidence in New Dripper, Kang is planning to develop a ceramic coffee server while keeping himself busy preparing for the World Café Show held in Tokyo next month. Kang is ambitious to demonstrate the excellence of the Korean technology-driven New Dripper at the show. 
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