‘Gollin’ is a safe and effective new medicine for detoxing

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▲ Gwon Jin-hyun, CEO of Gollin Pharm

Gollin Pharm is a family pharmaceutical business that has been passed down for three generations. Current CEO Gwon Jin-hyun is credited for his development of ‘Gollin’ that helps alcoholics and drug addicts overcome their conditions without withdrawal symptoms and other side effects. Gwon made the most of his knowledge in oriental and western medicine to develop Gollin which purifies the toxic in the body and easies various symptoms. At a test for 600 addicts, Gwon saw improvements in the levels of fatty liver, liver enzymes and liver cell within 1 to 6 months. With this promising result, Gwon carried on clinical tests at Seoul National University Hospital, Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu Medical Center, FDA and an alcohol and drug abuse center in LA, US, based on which he has obtained patents in the US, Korea and Japan. The excellent result of the tests was also reported to the WHO and the medical circles in the US and China are showing a great interest in commercializing this remarkable medicine. The secret substance of Gollin is arsenic-free sulfur which detoxes the liver and other organs. Gwon imports this sulfur from Japan alongside aconite from China to be processed at the factory in Sancheong County, South Gyeongsang Province, Korea. However, Gollin also contains mica, alum and starch for easy intake. Mica is known to protect the lung and activate the organs and alum to remove sputum and wastes and aconite to promote energy in the body. These substances are resistance-free as they are released out of the body naturally. To push forward the commercialization of Gollin, Gwon signed a MOU with TIME NASA Inc. and a technical tie-up with LA Healthy Land Inc. in the US followed by another technical tie-up on new substance with a Korean alkaline water sanitization patented company last November. Gollin has been released by improving the KGMP facility and it is expected to be applied to hangover cure and anti-cancer injections. Considering the American’s tendency to drug overdose due to very expensive charges for a surgery, Gollin can be a safe alternative as it prevents dyspnea and shock and other possible side effects. Also notable functions of Gollin are cleaning the blood and body fluid and improving adult diseases, obesity, internal diseases and constitution. In order to commercialize this remarkable medicine in accordance with the Korean and global standards, Gollin Pharm has secured tanks and coolers of automated heat treatment fusion reactor, air jet pulverizer and mixer, capsule charger and packager, and automatic digitizing facilities while working at the moment on multi-heat automatic counter, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, HPLC equipment and various experimental drug. Gwon pointed out yet another advantage of Gollin which is that the medicine has proved to be effective for improving hand tremor and enterohemorrhage caused by blood circulatory disturbance within three months. When asked about future plan, Gwon said ambitiously “I will grow Gollin Pharm as a globally renowned detox-specialized pharmaceutical firm.” 


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