Solar energy is rising as a promising future energy source

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▲ Kim Sun-woong, Executive Director of Dasan Energy

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicted that the global solar energy capacity would reach 102GW this year. It is a yearly 19% growth when compared to the figures 75GW two year ago and 98GW last year. Mckinsey also reported that the solar energy will take 64% of all energy generating units by 2050. The figure comes bigger when it comes to Korea: The Korea Energy Agency reported a record 70.7% increase in using solar energy in the Q1 this year. And one of the leaders of the industry is Dasan Energy. Established in 2013, Dasan Energy has built hundreds of solar energy facilities nationwide and proactively carried out rental businesses alongside training and seminars. The company achieved KRW 10 billion won sales in 2015 which was doubled last year. A founding member and the current executive director of Dasan Energy Kim Sun-woong said “The global trend is moving to eco-friendly energy such as solar, wind, bio and fuel cell and Korea is closely following suit. It is our duty and also the call of the age that we pour a considerable amount of our passion and effort in brining solar energy systems to the Korean land through active and unsparing investment in R&D. We can proudly say that Dasan Energy boasts the top level technique and construction in the field.” From 100KW to MW level solar power plants, Dasan Energy has made a yearly 50 to 100% growth and targets 300% this year. The company was chosen for EPC Mother Enterprise (EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and received the 2017 Korea Superb Brand Awards last year; and this February obtained ISO9001 (quality management system) and ISO14001 (environment management system). In addition, Dasan Energy has been pouring part of its effort in fostering talented industry specialists through holding a seminar and a business training every month. “Solar energy business costs you from tens of millions won to hundreds of million won. It is ideal for long-term earnings and you need to understand the basic knowledge and information from government policy to equipment, location, procedure and funding” said Kim. If the seminar delivers the basic knowledge and information, the business training more professional elements such as budget analysis and project consulting. Approximately 20 trainees of the courses are reported to sign a business agreement with Dasan Energy on finishing the courses since most of them are already engaged in the field. “We have fostered around 10,000 trainees so far and many of them are actively engaging in the related fields at the moment.” Kim said that this remarkable success of the courses ascribed to down-to-earth curriculum, delivering the accurate information and effective business consulting. It is noteworthy that Kim personally is running an online solar community called ‘Taesamo (’ where you can obtain up-to-date information on everything about solar energy for free; the club boasts 28,000 members. However, you must study hard and prepare meticulously in order to make a success in this promising field, according to Kim. “It is promising that Korea has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has some of the top ranking solar cell and module manufacturers in the world. Also, their technique in modules and inverters, the core parts of solar power plants, has seen a significant improvement for the last 3 years.” In fact, the Korean government’s Renewable Energy 3020 Project targets to install 48.7GW level facilities including solar and wind by 2030. Kim pointed out the existing regulations as the obstacle to the development of the industry but predicted improvements as time goes by. The solar energy in Korea is expected to be used as a common energy source in near future and the industry specialists of Dasan Energy are working hard by seeing 20 to 30 years ahead. 


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