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[탑이슈] Recognized for quality and good business practice, Hugreen mask from Unique goes global with fashionable mask ideas
Spread of Omicron is faster than ever in South Korea. 36,362 people were infected on January 4, a record high since the pandemic hit the nat...
신태섭 기자  2022-03-03
[커버스토리] 2022 Presidential Election
Democratic Party presidential nominee Jaemyung Lee pledged supplying more than 3 million houses and basic pay for farmers and fishermen to d...
강영훈  2022-03-03
[커버스토리] TrustKey's FIDO joins hands with Tappin to provide strengthened security authentication services including virtual asset protection
TrustKey, an affiliate of the South Korean security authentication company eWBM, has signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding with the...
지윤석 기자  2022-02-25
[커버스토리] The Bong Ple Cream line of JeunesSkin will write a new history in cosmetics
A South Korean cosmetics company Seoki Company has thrown its hat into the ring with its own brand JeunesSkin. The French word Jeunes means ...
장선희 기자  2022-02-16
[커버스토리] Do your children like fish but worry about bones? Ahleeneenae will take that worry off you.
Jinheok Jang and Yoomee Kim have a child named Ahleen. Like most moms and daddies, what to make and give to their child was one of the impor...
신태섭 기자  2022-02-16
[커버스토리] More than 200 kinds of diet foods are found in a single store: Chicken Breast Mart
[Diet Food]The number of fat people seems to have increased as many as the infected due to their new habit of staying home longer. Despite t...
백지희  2022-02-16
[커버스토리] Is your bed mite-free? If you are not sure, Armor Mattress service will take care of it for you
[Where Do Mites Live?]According to the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Koreans sleep average 7 hours and 49 minutes a day. It...
신태섭 기자  2022-02-16
[커버스토리] South Korean Boil Labs challenges American OSSUR and German OTTOBOCK with more advanced prosthetics engineering
A report shows that around 5,000 people lose body parts a year due to accidents in the nation. Most of them depend on prosthetics to lead a ...
신태섭 기자  2022-02-16
[커버스토리] Thinking of having a musical hobby but not confident? Sosohanmusic will ease your anxiety!
According to JobKorea, around 40% of workers are making extra money with their hobby. And most of the 40% answered that the source of extra ...
한정찬 기자  2022-02-16
[커버스토리] Suklim Art Center holds Korea Modern Art Festa 2021
The Suklim Art Center held the 1st Korea Modern Art Festa 2021 at the Central Temple of Cheondogyo from 22 to 27 December 2021. "Artists are...
강영훈  2022-02-15
[커버스토리] Introducing world's first automated oil skimmer that is lighter and smaller than imported: Sungdong Marine
Oil spill contributes to environmental pollution. In South Korea alone records more than 200 cases of oil spill inland and more than 300 on ...
신태섭 기자  2022-02-15
[커버스토리] Introducing an innovative South Korean air purifier Swasher
The Korea Consumer Agency last month carried out tests on 8 air purification products sold on the market. From product to product, the agenc...
신태섭 기자  2022-02-15
[탑이슈] 最先端の衛生資材と産業資材を生産、強小企業「(株)ラークインダストリー」 2003年から地道な開発と様々な特許技術で世界各国に輸出
권동호 기자  2022-02-15
[탑이슈] 生产最尖端卫生材料及产业材料的强小企业“(株)Lark Industries” 从2003年开始坚持不懈的开发,通过多种专利技术出口到世界
生产最尖端卫生材料及产业材料的强小企业“(株)Lark Industries”不安于现状的坚持不懈的开发和创新。(株)Lark...
권동호 기자  2022-02-15
[탑이슈] South Korean materials company Lark Industries exports high quality sanitary materials to the world
Lark Industries is a South Korean company supplying materials needed for making diapers, masks, protective clothing and films and labels. Op...
권동호 기자  2022-02-15
[커버스토리] Don't know where to keep your stuff? Spare Space will take care of it!
With increasing number of people living alone, the housing developers are turning its course to smaller houses to answer the demand from thi...
양승호  2022-02-15
[커버스토리] Jeong Geum Kil Jewelry recognized for CSR at 2021 Korea Social & Industrial Contribution Awards
Jeong Geum Kil Jewelry is famous for pet pendant. CEO Myeongsu Kim is an expert of jewelry processing and has 26 years of experience in the ...
강민지 기자  2022-02-15
[커버스토리] Bridging women from North to men in South: Eveme Wedding Consulting
[Tyng a Knot]Finding your other half is one of the biggest events in your life. Behind the love in first site lays a great part of realistic...
한정찬 기자  2022-02-15
[탑이슈] 「急成長」の坡州市、GTX-A路線着工による交通革新と メディカルクラスター構築など自足都市として新生
■ GTX-Aからマウルバスまで、交通福祉の拡大2023年の開通を控えたGTX-Aは、韓国初の大深度都心高速鉄道であり、坡州からソウル駅まで20分台でのアクセスを可能とする。坡州からソウルと城南、龍仁、東灘まで一度に行けるG...
장선희 기자  2022-01-27
[탑이슈] “快速增长”的坡州市,通过GTX-A路线开工实现交通创新, 建设医疗特区,发展成自足型城市。
■ 从GTX-A到乡村公交,扩大交通福利。将于2023年开通的GTX-A是韩国第一条大深度城市高速铁路,从坡州到首尔站只需20...
장선희 기자  2022-01-27
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