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[Ʈ] Artist Yujeong Seo successfully completes second U.S. exhibition in Vermont
The work of Korean ki painting artist Yujeong Seo is characterized by strong energy, creating special drawings to wish people health and hap...
[Ѻ귣] Seo Yu-jeong Painter Qi Paintings Released in Credit Card Edition
A credit card edition containing Qi paintings by Seo Yu-jeong will be released in the second half of the year. There are a total of four typ...
[ó] Interview with Seo Yu-jeong at the Vermont exhibition in the U.S.
Energy, energy means energy or spirit, and people who train energy say it's a process of emptying the mind that can resonate with the en...
[Ѻ귣] Hyunmoon Kim who founded the Poil Kuksundo Federation Seo is a highly acclaimed artist
Since August 1st, Seo Yu-jeong has been hosting an "Invitation Exhibition for ki Painting" in Vermont, the U. The exhibition is highly accla...
[Ʈ] Gallery Art Han infuses the value of win-win into the ecosystem of culture and art
While peoples interest in investment is increasing day by day, interest in art works is increasing especially among the MZ generation. This...
[Ʈ] Light is color, and I want to speak in color
My childhood in a village along the village around the Yeongsan River Dedle was a valuable experience that nurtured my sensitivity. Crossing...
ȫ   2023-07-21
[Ʈ] Seo Yu-jeong to hold an exhibition of Qi paintings in Vermont, U.S
The Seo Yu-jeong Jeju Invitation Exhibition, held in the first half of last year, was a highly acclaimed exhibition by members of five count...
[Ʈ] Bosun Kim, President of Korea International Art Association
Painter Saeon Bosun Kim has been busy this year, taking over as the new president of the Korea International Art Association. Last year, she...
[ó] Seo Yu-jeong, a painter who is an illustrator who extends to Europe in the second half of the year, following Vermont in the United States
Seo Yu-jeong, Korea's leading artist who completed the Arizona exhibition in the first half of the year, will hold another exhibition th...
[Ʈ] Vito Art Consulting helps you meet master art pieces in replica
Recently, the number of people visiting art exhibitions has increased significantly. Equally so is the number of tourists visiting art museu...
[Ʈ] Jeju Island Healing Invitation Exhibition, following the Arizona exhibition in the United States in the first half of the year
Last month, I went to Jeju to cover the exhibition of artist Yujeong Seo which was held at the Jeju Jeoji Healing Stay Exhibition Center. Fo...
[Ʈ] ϴءʫ画ʫ
31תǪG-Art Galleryǡϴءʫ쪿 ުԴ国学学説ʪ国研ϼ¡国֧窱η...
[Ѻ귣] BICHAENA学£K-Culture
ͣK-Culture热ު˭劲 ή׵Դ开,找 K-Culture韩国娱乐产业...
[Ѻ귣] BICHAENA ACADEMY, K-Culture at the center
The global K-Culture craze is strong. Everything that had been stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic began and regained vitality. K-Culture has e...
[Ʈ] ࡤܫ󡢫󡢫߫󡤫Դڸν会
15Դ国ڸν鯱ƪê ᡢڷ󫼫뫹Park View Gallery쪿ƪ3Ѫʫϡ칪ڪ ...
[Ʈ] A magician of color who conveys the colors of jubilation: Seong Nak-ju
Colors carry messages along with images. Swiss painter Paul Klee, known for his expressionist, cubist and surrealist works, once said, Colo...
[Ʈ] A world-renowned computer graphic artist born in Korea
- This article is a review of the work that introduced the interpretation of the artist's work as a material ahead of the artist's p...
[Ѻ귣] , 妍, 髤ー Դڸν
15Դ国ڸνء妍ʫ会Ҫ롣 ᡢڷ󫼫뫹Park View Gallery쪿ƪ3Ѫʫϡ칪ڪ몳...
[ó] Seo Yu-jeong Invitation Exhibition in Jeju Island
Tomorrow, the 11th, the Seo Yu-jeong invitation exhibition will be held at the Jeju Jersey Healing Stay Exhibition Hall. The Seo Yu-jung inv...
[Ʈ] Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition at LA Park View Gallery
A meaningful exhibition will be held at the Park View Gallery in Los Angeles from April 27 to May 1. Contemporary Korean art works will be p...
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