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[아트] Korean paper art embraces practicality and artistic beauty
[Paper Mulberry and Korean Paper]Koreans have long used the paper mulberry to make things used in daily lives. Korean paper is easily formin...
안정희 기자  2021-12-22
[아트] “Art is self-training that must be made through continuous endeavor and inner fight”
Some say great artists are born. They can make something brilliant without training and without working hard because their brilliance surpas...
안정희 기자  2021-12-22
[컴퍼니] Innovative South Korean thermometer Pisis measures temperature from -40℃ to 125℃ within 0.1 second with wow accuracy
The advent of COVID-19 has brought a boom to quarantine and medical equipment industry. Mask makers enjoyed sudden and explosive amount of o...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-22
[컴퍼니] Introducing new stylish metal photo plates to keep your valuable family and wedding photos for a long time
Everybody has a photo frame or two at home that features family, wedding or 1 year anniversary of a baby. One common drawback of these photo...
양승호  2021-12-22
[커버스토리] Can ‘air generator’ developed by NonGrid be an alternative to existing power generators? NonGrid Chairman Namsik Ju is confident on this.
[Alternative Energy Sources]Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Energy Technology Roadmap at COEX on Dece...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-22
[아트] “Sculpture is an act of revealing the pre-existent form hidden in the given material”
[Calling]Some say great artists are born. Others say great artists are trained. Whichever side we back up, there is one thing we all might a...
안정희 기자  2021-12-22
[아트] “Art is what makes me true to myself” says a literati painting artist Eunhae Jeon
[Ars Longa, Vita Brevis]“Life is short and art is long” thus began Hippocrates. A sentence such as this gives us a time to think about our l...
안정희 기자  2021-12-22
[커버스토리] Pro Pac has contributed to reducing 10,502 tons of plastic and 91,905 CO₂ emissions since 2017 with its innovative biodegradable technologies and products
[Plastic Threats Earth]Appearing a hundred years ago, plastic has been used partly or wholly to almost all products made on Earth. From a si...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-22
[커버스토리] Can’t afford a luxury fur of $10,000 at a department store? Have one at 1/5 price at Cashopgray in Sinsadong, Gangnam, Seoul!
[From Madam to Mademoiselle]Shinsegae department store showed that fur sales jumped by 24.9% in the first half of 2018 from 11% in 2015 ascr...
양승호  2021-12-22
[아트] Sunggyu Sim holds solo exhibition
Back in the days where there were no letters to write, people drew images on surface of stones and rocks. These images were found in caves a...
백지원 기자  2021-12-22
[컴퍼니] CiLab wins SMEs and Startups Ministerial Prize at Innovation Winner 2021
CiLab is a South Korean underwater drone technology leader established in 2017. The company has contributed to localizing underwater explora...
권동호 기자  2021-12-22
[컴퍼니] AI-driven robotic solutions of South Korean Roas make your logistics business smooth and nice
[Robotic Market]South Korean government increased budget for robotic engineering by 54% on previous year and has poured a total of 2.17 bill...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-22
One of the biggest problems biologists have faced to solve is why animals are divided into male and female and plants into pistil and stamen...
원헤레나 기자  2021-12-21
[탑이슈] Namisum is second to none when it comes to tourist attractions of South Korea
[Namisum]The prolonged restriction to traveling overseas is turning Koreans for domestic destinations. Jeju undoubtedly is the hottest spot ...
한정찬 기자  2021-12-21
[외식명소] The ‘day made day delivery’ Korean kimchi delights your table with uniquely fun spiciness
[Kimchi From Making to Buying]Late November every year, Koreans make kimchi, the most popular staple food in the nation. Kimchi has helped K...
강민지 기자  2021-12-21
[커버스토리] Tum Guard helps you save energy bill with cost effectiveness and easy to install
Saving energy can save energy bills and reduce carbon emission. There are many ways that you can save your energy bill but one good cost eff...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-21
[커버스토리] A master barista made coffee arrives soon in Jongno 5 ga, Seoul: The Gabe
Coffee industry in South Korea has grown explosively in recent years and experts are predicting the sales would reach 8.6 trillion won ($7.2...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-21
[컴퍼니] Have you heard about thermal food boxes that can keep your food on the go? If you have not, BabnGook, The Ddadam and FolderTech will show you how they work!
[Innovation In Food Box]One thing the pandemic has changed a scene of dine-out industry in South Korea is food delivery bikes swarming the s...
신태섭 기자  2021-12-21
[인터뷰] Busan Techno Park develops core parts and creates new growth industries with support of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Busan
[Busan Techno Park]The World Meteorological Organization counted that around 4.5 million people on Earth die a year from air pollution revea...
양승호  2021-12-21
[커버스토리] Still haven’t found a solution for your hair loss? Kimho Jeungmo might be a good alternative to have a go!
[Hair Loss]The number of people suffering from hair loss in South Korea is estimated around 10 million. Against our prejudice that hair loss...
백지원 기자  2021-12-21
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