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[컴퍼니] Introducing the 9 times Korean Sool Award winner honey wine maker: Ivy
(PowerKorea) Historical records tell us that people in the Old Stone Age from about 2.5 million years ago to 9,600 BCE made liquor with hone...
신태섭 기자  2021-08-25
[외식명소] Introducing never before tasted ‘gopdoritang’ that young Koreans are crazy about: Seungdorinae Gopdoritang
(PowerKorea) Summer is in full swing. This summer, however, people are experiencing unprecedented heat and, in South Korea, the humidity. Ne...
신태섭 기자  2021-08-25
[커버스토리] An ambitious Korean yeolmu kimchi expert is to place unique Korean kimchi sauces on the dining table of home and restaurant: Lee Soon Mee Kimchi
Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. No kimchi, no Korean. No matter how many exotic foods seem to be invading our dining table, Koreans ca...
한정찬 기자  2021-08-24
[커버스토리] Cowithone’s innovative underground water pipe management systems bring forward progress in smart city
(PowerKorea) Smart city is one of the new deal projects of South Korean government set to start from Busan and Sejong. People’s interest in ...
신태섭 기자  2021-08-24
[인터뷰] A customized news and information services startup Trayd is ambitious to lead big data-driven news and information services
(PowerKorea) We live in a flood of information. News and information are flowing on social media and we are being exposed without ourselves ...
강진성 기자  2021-08-24
[커버스토리] Opera Company gives a 20 minute surprise opera busking in front of premium snack franchise Bunsik Mama
(PowerKorea) Planting its root in Busan, Opera Company has made presence in the field through engaging numerous concerts and cultural events...
강진성 기자  2021-08-24
[컴퍼니] 将梦想成为现实的"Merito" ── 与名人进行交流
迎接数字时代的到来,MZ一代(通常指20世纪80年代初至21世纪初出生的“千禧一代”和20世纪90年代中期至21世纪头十年出生的“Z世代”) 逐渐成...
원헤레나 기자  2021-08-24
[컴퍼니] 'Merito' that connects celebrities and dreams into reality
In the digital era of today, the MZ generation (the collective term for millennials born in the early 1980s to early 2000s and Generation Z ...
원헤레나 기자  2021-08-24
[커버스토리] Premium Aussie outdoor brand Darche delights Korean outdoor-goers through exclusive supply of Camping Kan
(PowerKorea) Chabak – staying overnight in a car – is a new Korean coinage fast spread in South Korea. To take one step further,...
강진성 기자  2021-08-24
[커버스토리] 韩国POLITECH大学牙山校区顺利进行的电叉车教育,现场探访
지윤석 기자  2021-08-23
[에듀케이션] “Big data will hyper-connect us in the coming years so we need to better prepare”: Korea Polytechnics Asan industry-academic cooperation director Uisun Choi says
ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) embraces big data, mobile and wearable which are the three keywords of the tech trend toda...
지윤석 기자  2021-08-23
[컴퍼니] BIGFANs keeps temperature evenly, circulates air, saves energy bill and reduces carbon dioxide: Enerzip
(PowerKorea) According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, more than 150 workers affected by heat wave of which 16% lost their lives fo...
신태섭 기자  2021-08-20
[컴퍼니] MR and AI-driven JoyFit brings personal trainer to your home and office: JoyFun
(PowerKorea) A personal trainer is an individual who has earned a certification that demonstrates they have achieved a level of competency f...
권동호 기자  2021-08-20
[커버스토리] A women’s clinic where body and mind are healed through home-meal like comfortable medical treatment Lifecycle customized medical services win hearts of patients
(PowerKorea) A maternity unit is a medical department where doctors closely observe the process of people’s life and death. It is a place wh...
강민지 기자  2021-08-20
[인터뷰] South Korean eco-friendly materials company FC Korea Land uses cork as an alternative to concrete and rubber
(PowerKorea) ‘Urban heat islands’ occur when cities replace natural land cover with dense concentrations of pavement, buildings, and other s...
신태섭 기자  2021-08-20
[탑이슈] South Korean 3D tech company 3D Automation builds global manufacturing partnership with its innovative digital engineering solutions
Top Issue 1 (PowerKorea) Engineering is an important part if manufacturing industry as a whole is to secure competitiveness i...
강진성 기자  2021-08-20
[인터뷰] A man of tile business serves Chairman of Admiral Lee Sun Shin Historic Sites Preservation Society to promote patriotism
(PowerKorea) Chungmusa in Wando County South Jeolla Province is a shrine built to remember the noble patriotic spirit of Admirals Lee Sun-sh...
강진성 기자  2021-08-20
[커버스토리] Reading makes children grow critical thinking: Book Tree
(PowerKorea) Some students are exceptional in some subjects. This is because each student has each different aptitude and talent. However, s...
강진성 기자  2021-08-20
[커버스토리] クリエイターと共生、この世のすべての物語が ウェブコンテンツ作品として生まれ変わる
원헤레나 기자  2021-08-20
[커버스토리] 与创作者共生,世上所有故事,以网络内容作品重生
涉猎所有体裁,讲述世上所有故事成立于2020年11月的ALM Media是以网络漫画和网络小说为中心,负责直接企...
원헤레나 기자  2021-08-20
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