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[] Medifit secures brand recognition from people of all ages with differentiated contents and exercise methods
Medifits Jumping Cat and Gyro Balance are popular fitness brands loved by many people for their differentiated content and competitiven...
[ͺ] A new Dongrae through change and innovation!
Always with the residents of DongnaeNew Dongrae, Safe Dongrae and Happy DongnaeJang Jun-yong, the 8th civil elect who took office on July 1 ...
κ   2022-12-22
[۴] Legal advice and services for industrial accidents: labor law firm Chungmu
Established in 2008, the labor law firm Chungmu has provided services for about 3,000 industrial accidents, fishing vessel crew accidents, a...
[ž̽] Come In Wash, advancing to the world with innovative technology
No touch no brush automated car wash brand Come In Wash won the Trade Industry and Energy Ministers Prize at the Innovation Winner 2022. Pr...
[ž̽] Come in Wash progressant dans le monde avec une technologie innovante
Come in Wash (PDG Yang Seok Won), un leader du lavage automatique de voiture sans contact et sans brosse, a eu lhonneur de recevoir le prix...
[ž̽] ܪͣ󪹪 ૤󫦫ë塹
[۴] Woodumgee Farm, a leading company in K-Smart Farm Technology innovation by developing semi-hermetic glass greenhouse
Woodeumjee Farm (CEO Kang Seong-min) is an agricultural corporation that is leading the innovation of K-Smart Farm by developing semi-encl...
[ž̽] Eco Farm City and the Defense Information Portal to create Koreas first eco-farm city
Ko Duk-sang, CEO of an agricultural corporation Eco Farm City, has been researching eco-friendly farming methods for over 20 years. As a res...
[ž̽] 国门户网进国内个态农场设计划
[ž̽] 国ëー国内Ϋիー૷ƫ
[ž̽] Thuc ẩy việc tạo dựng thanh phố nong trại sinh thai Eco Farm City ầu tien của Han Quốc với cổng thong tin Quốc phong
Sản xuất thực phẩm khoáng chất tự nhiên từ nông nghiệp kết hợ...
[޵] Through professional psychoanalytic treatment, understanding the sick mind and bringing comfort
Director Moon Soo-jin of Yu & Moon is a psychiatrist, child and adolescent psychiatrist, and a certified psychoanalyst by the International ...
[۴] DT International takes a new leap as a global logistics company
Growing into a company that customers can trust with logistics know-how accumulated over many years and 4N network serviceDT International (...
[۴] CD Care wins Healthy Food at 2022 Korea Future Management Awards
A food company CD Care won Healthy Food at the 2022 Korea Future Management Awards. Established in 1987 under its business motto Bringing H...
[۴] Woosuk A&P provides comprehensive development services for local housing associations
Housing prices are one of the hot topics among people. With significant price rise and drop recently, a survey carried on realtors show that...
[ž̽] الصعود إلى مصاف شركات الزراعة الع
بعد 20 عامًا من البحث والت...
[ž̽] Với phương phap canh tac mới KDS, tập oan nong nghiệp toan cầu a xuất khẩu 30 nghin tỷ won ra thị trường nhan sam th&
Nông trại thông minh tích hợp KDS, kết quả của 20 năm R&D,là ngọn cờ...
[ž̽] KDS˪ͣ30𼫦߸ު ーЫѪȪơ々ȡ
[ž̽] 过"KDS农"Ϣ规ټ达30ز亿韩Ϲ参场 "跃为"Ϲ农业
[ž̽] Decorated with eco farming prizes and certificates, Eco Farm City is pioneering $30 billion USD worth global ginseng market
Advanced agricultural technologies are in high demand especially in this time of drastic climate change. The war between Russia and Ukraine ...
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